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ApparelMagic provides a comprehensive ERP solution to fashion brands worldwide. By facilitating the product lifecycle, from concept to consumer, through features like collaborative design tools, material sourcing and inventory management, production planning, and quality control. This software also incorporates sales and order management, enabling businesses to track customer preferences, manage multiple sales channels, and optimize order fulfillment.

Covering everything from accounting and procurement to manufacturing and supply chain management, seamlessly handle all your daily operational needs while boosting productivity. Our dedicated team provides specialized guidance, customization, integration services and support to your implementation of Apparel Magic,

ApparelMagic Modules & Services


Streamline your processes to empower your business to efficiently track, manage, and optimize your stock of apparel and related products.

Sales & Ordering

You can facilitate seamless and organized sales processes, empowering you to efficiently manage customer orders, track sales performance, and enhance overall customer relationship management. 

Manufacturing & Production

This module streamlines processes by providing tools to plan, schedule, and monitor manufacturing. Efficiently collaborate, track materials, and timely delivery of finished products.


Empowers your team by using the end-to-end management of product development processes, from initial design and concept to production, collaboration, and tracking, fostering efficient communication and enhancing overall product quality and innovation.

Logistics & Fulfillment 

Optimizes the distribution process with tools to take on order fulfillment, shipping coordination, and inventory management to ensure accurate and timely delivery of products while maintaining a smooth supply chain.


With capabilities to enable seamless connectivity with your  various third-party applications, platforms, and tools, enhancing the efficiency and functionality across several different systems.

B2B eCommerce

Offering a user-friendly online platform specifically designed for the apparel industry, enabling you to easily showcase their products, manage wholesale orders, and provide a tailored and convenient purchasing experience for their business-to-business customers.

Accounting & Reporting

Use the financial tracking and reporting solutions,, to allow your business to efficiently manage accounts, generate accurate financial reports, and gain valuable insights to make informed business decisions.

Mobile App

Extends the your usage of ApparelMagic for on-the-go functionality. Some features such as inventory management, order tracking, sales updates, and communication tools, Operate from anywhere at any time.

These represent just a fraction of the extensive possibilities that utilizing Apparel Magic can offer. If you're ready to discover more, please reach out and schedule a consultation with us today!

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