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Celigo is a leading source of middleware technology specializing in integration and automation solutions. Middleware, often described as the "glue" between different software systems, is Celigo's forte. By offering a comprehensive suite of middleware tools and technologies that facilitate data exchange across a wide array of applications. These services include everything from cloud integration and API management to data synchronization and workflow automation. This partnership not only provides clients with the means to bridge gaps between disparate software platforms, ensuring operational efficiency and data accuracy. 

As a Celigo partner, we can help you tailor your middleware solutions, giving you the freedom to customize to your specific business needs. With our team of certified professionals, we have the training and support to ensure your organization's success.

Celigo Solutions & Benefits

Integration Platform

Use a cloud-based solution that enables your business to connect and synchronize your various applications and data sources for streamlined processes and improved efficiency.

Accelerated Integrations

By providing pre-built connectors and workflows, Celigo helps businesses to swiftly connect and automate your diverse applications and data sources.

Cross Functional Automation

Seamlessly connect different teams and systems, streamlining processes, and facilitating efficient data sharing and communication across your business

Visibility and Control

Attain transparency and control through robust management tools for modifying integrations, detecting and resolving issues, and configuring permissions and notifications 

Customer Success

Committed to ensuring that you achieve your desired goals to maximize the value and use of Celigo through proactive support, guidance, and resources.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Offering flat-rate pricing  provides a consistent and predictable cost structure for your integration needs, regardless of usage or transaction volumes.

These represent just a fraction of the extensive possibilities that utilizing Celigo can offer. If you're ready to learn more, please reach out and schedule a consultation with us today!

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