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Cin7: Unlock Your Company's Full Potential with Connected Inventory Performance

Cin7 is a optimal option when looking for a cloud-based inventory management software. It is designed to streamline the end-to-end processes for your business  while providing real-time visibility and control over your inventory levels, sales channels, and supply chain operations, 


Seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, Cin7 allows your businesses to streamline your supply chains, automate processes, and enhance customer experiences. Whether it's devising market-entry strategies, revamping operational workflows, or implementing Cin7's tools effectively, as a Cin7 partner, we have the training and support to ensure your organization's success.

Cin7 Connected Inventory
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Cin7 Modules & Services

Inventory Management

Enhance inventory efficiency throughout all sites and fulfill demand across all your sales channels – be it online, offline, B2B, D2C, or a combination of these!

Warehouse Management

Efficiently and seamlessly meet order requirements using our integrated functions for receiving, picking, packing, and dispatching.

Order Fulfillment

One dashboard for all channels, order, and site. Gain a comprehensive view of all operational facets, including EDI and 3PLs with live updates.

Order Management

Have access to overseeing the order lifecycle from creation and processing to fulfillment and delivery


Through automation, you can reduce the need for manual tasks as both order volume and sales channels experience growth.

Reporting and Forecasting

Acquire valuable insights through comprehensive, up-to-the-minute reports across all channels. Effectively manage purchases to maintain optimal inventory levels that match demand accurately.

Shipping Integration

Integrate with shipping solutions like ShipStation and Starshippit to generate labels, while also ensuring customers are informed about order status and courier particulars.

Third Party Logistics

Enhance order precision and speed by directly integrating with 3PL services and using the automated order routing and confirmation processes.

These represent just a fraction of the extensive possibilities that utilizing Cin7 can offer. If you're ready to learn more, please sign up below to schedule a consultation with us today!

Certified Cin7 Partner

Unity Consulting firm is proud to be a certified Cin7 partner

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