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Enhance E-commerce Efficiency with Cin7 Integrations

Jay Kartchner is a consultant based out of Athens, Georgia. They work to manage data, streamline operations, boost efficiency, and provide clients with the best options for process optimization. With a prior background in science and management, they bring an eye for detail and an analytical mindset to the ever-evolving world of systems consulting.

Efficiency when operating an e-commerce channel is crucial to the success of any business. Whether you’re a small business just starting out, or a large business with multiple markets, being efficient with inventory management, order processes, warehouse management, and reporting can be the key to continuous improvement and growth. Integrations with the Cin7 platform can help you streamline your e-commerce operations and enhance the efficiency of your business processes.

With native integrations to several e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others, Cin7 updates your inventory in real-time and creates a centralized location to view inventory coming in and going out of your business. Cin7’s integrations provide automatic updates of inventory levels as soon as your customer places an order. Real-time inventory updating from point-of-sale locations helps your business avoid inconsistent inventory levels arising from manual or scheduled inventory updates and allows you to see accurate inventory levels no matter where you are.

Cin7’s order processing helps eliminate errors and centralize orders coming in from various sales channels. Cin7 also features a point-of-sale system and supports wholesale system integration either via native connections, EDI or API connections. Expanding your marketplace to new locations and platforms like Amazon or eBay, has never been easier with Cin7. Having the ability to integrate and centralize multiple sales channels allows you to reach a wider audience and allows your business to continue growing while keeping all your sales data in one easy to find place. Using a centralized platform to process orders also reduces manual data entry and reduces the number of errors generated when communicating sales and order fulfillment between previously disconnected sales channels and locations. Keeping your customers up to date with their order status and assisting in customer support is made easier with Cin7’s centralized order processing.

While Cin7 offers a warehouse management system, it also features native integrations for other warehouse management systems, like ShipStation or 3PL Central. Seamlessly watch orders flow from your e-commerce site to your fulfillment warehouse and back again with tracking information. Creating transfer orders within Cin7 allows you to move inventory as needed across multiple warehouse locations. Real-time inventory tracking and management with Cin7 means you are constantly up to date with your inventory levels and can spend less time correcting inventory errors caused by traditional inventory processes using desktop software or excel sheets, avoiding backorders and running out of stock.

Another benefit of Cin7’s integrations with various sales channels is the ability to maintain accurate product information across platforms. Updating or adding items to Cin7 can update your e-commerce platform automatically, keeping your customers up to date with your latest product offering. Adding a lot of new items for a season update? Cin7 can ensure your e-commerce platform is accurately updated, preventing discrepancies between product options and descriptions across multiple sales channels.

Additionally, Cin7 has native integrations to accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero. Seamlessly connect your sales, inventory, and accounting systems to maintain accurate records of your inventory and financial data. Automatically create transaction records and synchronize invoices, sales orders, bills, payments, and purchase orders across platforms and reduce errors resulting from manual accounting processes. Using Cin7 allows you to accurately place and receive purchase orders, track inventory value, inventory age, and the cost of goods and services.

As a result of having a centralized and integrated system, Cin7 can provide real-time sales and inventory data. Track sales, identify best-selling items, and improve the accuracy of cash flow forecasts. With Cin7, you can filter reports by location, warehouse, channel, and various other metrics and save the reports you most frequently use. Quickly access your data from across your e-commerce platforms and make informed decisions, while boosting your efficiency, revenue, and profitability. In addition, making data-driven decisions allows you to better plan for the growth of your business.

Integrating Cin7 Omni and Cin7 Core with e-commerce platforms is easy. To integrate Cin7 Omni with Shopify:

  1. Install Shopify on Cin7 Omni by navigating to the Ecommerce tab in the App Store. Once you find the Shopify connection tile and select it, click the button that says, “Request app installation”. After you request the app installation you will write a brief description or name for the integration, and then click Install.

  2. Once it is installed, go to the Integrations menu tab in your Cin7 account and select the Shopify integration.

    1. Select Settings and open the Connect tab.

    2. Enter your Shopify domain name (which can be found at the top of the settings menu in Shopify and ends in in the Shop Host Name.

    3. Select Connect and follow the instructions in Shopify to log in and authorize the connection. You will want to make sure the person that authorizes this connection has all the necessary privileges in Shopify to grant access.

  3. Once connected, configure your integration as necessary under the settings section. There are various settings related to orders, stock, branches, and products so make sure you look through all configuration options.

More details of this process can be found at Cin7’s site: ( Additionally, reach out to Unity Consulting Firm to help you set up and configure integrations to your e-commerce, accounting, or warehouse platforms. We can also help you establish and customize integrations with Cin7 and ensure your data flows seamlessly.


See below for the Cin7 Omni & Shopify Integration Guide


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