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Keep it Simple, Stupid

My name is Austin Mandus and I am a database consultant. I help people move, optimize, connect, and learn how to use databases. Before that, I used databases in my daily job… just like every other office employee and I have seen overcomplicated systems create more problems than they solve more often than I should.

You’re ready, you have it all picked out and are finally ready to do this. This new system you are going to implement is going to be perfect, it’s going to do everything you have always wanted. We have all been there. It is super exciting to finally have these new features and tools at your disposal.

And at first, everything is magical, but then you run into something that the system can’t do. “That’s fine, we can get a customization added to this so that it does what I need.” you will say. And truly it is fine to have a few customizations added to your new system to make it perfect, but there is a risk, you may just become addicted to customization.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I have seen multiple businesses, including myself, run into issues that their system isn’t perfect for, and they decide to fix it by adding a customization. Soon there is more customization than there is in the original system. I can already hear you asking, “What’s wrong with that?” I’ll tell you; it causes your once simple and reliable system to become bogged down, complicated to teach, difficult to navigate, and unreliable. Suddenly, data and systems are not talking to each other like they should, or one customization breaks another, or a plethora of other issues; and now your great new system is becoming a headache. You will have to hire a full-time database administrator (DBA) just to manage it.

Now if you are big enough that a full-time DBA is what you need then go for it, complex systems can do exactly everything you need. Just be aware that onboarding will be difficult. And truthfully there are huge advantages to just keeping it simple so everyone can quickly and easily work with the system.

On the other hand, if you are not large enough to warrant a full-time DBA then keeping it simple is a must. You need to be able to work the system yourself and if it gets so complicated that you or your team can’t, then you are just adding an expense that is not needed.

So please do yourself a favor and keep it simple, stupid!

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