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Meet The Owners: Jacob Kartchner

Jacob Kartchner: Co-owner and COO of Unity Consulting Firm

At Unity Consulting Firm, we aim to deliver comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions that unite diverse individuals and organizations. The experts behind our transformative team foster collaboration, understanding, and equitable growth. Each employee at Unity plays a crucial role in the firm's overall success. Today, we spotlight our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Jacob Kartchner, to gain more insight into his professional background and journey with Unity Consulting Firm!

Jacob is from Dacula, GA, and currently serves as Unity's Chief Operating Officer. He began his career as an engineer, working at several consulting engineering firms where he was able to hone his technical skills and gain valuable experience in project management. During this time, he worked on various large government projects that required meticulous planning, detailed design work, and effective team coordination. These experiences sharpened Jacob's technical expertise and gave him a deep appreciation for creating efficient systems.

A few years after the birth of his first child, Jacob craved a new direction that would allow him to balance his career and continue growing his family. This reflection led him to discover his passion for client operations and his interest in systems and operational efficiency. He realized that the skills he developed as an engineer, like managing complex projects and ensuring every detail fit perfectly, could work extremely well in a new field.

Everything fell into place once he started his path in technology consulting by co-founding Unity Consulting Firm. As COO, he now utilizes his engineering background to drive successful system implementations and foster strong client relationships.

Jacob really enjoys his journey at Unity and stated: "My favorite part of Unity Consulting Firm has been building something from the ground up and watching both my employees and the company grow. It's incredibly rewarding to see the progress we've made and to know that I've played a part in creating a thriving business and supporting my team's development."

Since co-founding Unity Consulting, Jacob has led various implementations that streamline the firm's day-to-day workflow for employees and clients. One system in particular that the team utilizes daily is a project management system called Wrike. The implementation of this system added accurate billing, time and material, visibility, and general overviews to the internal team and clients looking for progress and updates. Jacob feels that this implementation was his proudest moment at Unity due to its positive impact.

Lastly, a fun fact about Jacob is he has several hands-on hobbies, which include woodworking, gardening, and automotive work! He has successfully built numerous pieces of furniture, restored several cars, and created a garden full of fruits and vegetables. This year, his garden flourished with over 1,000 blackberries, which his two toddlers really enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Jacob Kartchner and learn how he contributes to the dynamic team of experts here at Unity Consulting Firm. Stay tuned for our weekly spotlights on LinkedIn and meet the rest of the Unity Family!


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