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Streamlining Your Business with Cin7 Core's Latest Enhancements: June 9th, 2024 Update 

Cin7 newest updates from June 9th 2024

At Unity Consulting Firm, we understand that running a business requires constant adaptation and optimization. We're excited to announce the latest updates to Cin7 Core, rolled out on June 9th, 2024. These enhancements are designed to make your business operations more efficient, user-friendly, and aligned with your growth strategies. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from this latest update. 

Enhanced Inventory Management 

Managing inventory accurately and efficiently is crucial for any business. Cin7 Core’s latest update introduces several improvements to inventory management, including: 

  • Advanced Stock Reconciliation: Simplify the process of reconciling stock discrepancies with their enhanced reconciliation tool. This feature allows for more accurate and timely adjustments, ensuring your inventory records are always up-to-date. 

  • Batch Tracking: Gain better control over your inventory with Core’s new batch tracking capability. This feature enables you to track specific batches of products, ensuring better quality control and traceability. 

Improved Sales Order Workflow 

A seamless sales order process is key to maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Core’s updates to the sales order workflow include: 

  • Automated Order Allocation: Reduce manual effort and speed up the order fulfillment process with automated order allocation. This feature intelligently allocates stock to orders based on predefined rules, ensuring timely delivery to your customers. 

  • Customizable Order Statuses: Tailor your sales order process to fit your business needs with customizable order statuses. This flexibility allows you to define and track orders through various stages, providing better visibility and control. 

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics 

Making informed business decisions requires access to accurate and comprehensive data. Cin7 Core’s enhanced reporting and analytics tools include: 

  • Advanced Data Filtering: Get more granular insights with advanced data filtering options. This enhancement allows you to drill down into specific data points, making it easier to identify trends and opportunities. 

  • Customizable Dashboards: Create dashboards that reflect your business priorities with Cin7 Core’s improved customization options. Whether you need to track sales performance, inventory levels, or financial metrics, Core’s dashboards can be tailored to provide the information you need at a glance. 

User Experience Improvements 

We believe that powerful tools should also be easy to use. Cin7 Core’s latest enhancements focus on improving the overall user experience: 

  • Intuitive Navigation: Cin7 Core has redesigned the navigation interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Finding the features and information you need is now faster and easier. 

  • Enhanced Mobile Access: Stay connected to your business on the go with improved mobile access. Cin7 Core’s mobile app now offers better performance and a more streamlined interface, ensuring you can manage your operations from anywhere. 

Integration Enhancements 

Seamless integration with other systems is essential for a cohesive business operation. Cin7 Core’s latest update includes several integration enhancements: 

  • Expanded API Capabilities: Cin7 Core has expanded its API capabilities to provide greater flexibility and connectivity with other systems. This allows for more robust integrations and data synchronization across your business applications. 

  • New Integration Options: Explore new integration options with popular third-party applications. Cin7 Core’s enhanced integration library makes it easier to connect with your existing software ecosystem. 

Need more advice or assistance? Your product strategy and business transformation experts at Unity Consulting are here to help.


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